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Since 1989, Electrosoft has expanded its range of products and services to manufacturing, supply, installation, and commissioning of electrical control panels, automation systems, and instrumentation.

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Electrosoft's control system engineers are capable of designing and providing the best PLC Panels and Automation Services in the Industry. Our staff - with over 20 years of experience - consists of programmers, designers, panel builders, and support personnel providing a complete solution for plant automation. Our graphical interface (SCADA) experience includes products such as: Vijeo Citect, WinCC, Wonderware, and FactoryTalk View. These graphical interface packages, along with our heavy emphasis in data acquisition and programming capabilities, allow for a robust control system which allows the customer to get the optimum control and monitoring capability.

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Electrosoft has a wealth of knowledge regarding special bus baring and wiring requirements and combining different types of equipment into fully functional power systems. Our PCC Panels are robust and heavy duty with all the necessary protections. Electrosoft has been providing high quality PCC Panels to industries across the globe since decades. PCC Panels are designed as per Electrosoft's CPRI Approved design for 65kA Short Circuit and IP65 Protection standard.


Electrosoft's Motor control centres (MCCs) provide customers with a safe, cost-effective and industry-leading solution. It combines intelligent communications and industry-leading motor protection to group motor control, distribution equipment, industrial communications and associated control into one cohesive package offering an expected life cycle of 20+ years. MCC Panels are designed as per Electrosoft's CPRI Approved design for 65kA Short Circuit and IP65 Protection standard.

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Draw-Out MCC

We have specialization in manufacturing premium quality fully draw out MCC and PCC panels. These are efficiently used in critical areas of plants where in case of a starter or power feeder failure will affect the complete process. In such cases the starter module/power feeder module can be fully replaced without isolating the main power.


Electrosoft's Power factor correction panel is fully automatic in operation and will achieve unity power factor. The SmartAPFC line is a result of years of Research and Development into the product. With all the latest features, 8 levels of protection, a buzzer alarm, heavy duty design and proven track record, our SmartAPFC Panels are highly appreciated by the clients due to its superior performance, trouble-free operation, and a guaranteed incentive.

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More than 80% of the total electrical energy generated is consumed by rotating equipment. Variable frequency drive technology saves power by matching motor speed to load demands and represents a state-of-the-art opportunity to reduce operating costs and improve overall productivity. Electrosoft's VFD Control panels are custom made to your specifications for your application.


Our state-of-the-art DC panels provide stable and reliable DC supply for Reactor testing, low-capacity & low-cost water treatment plants, special DC motors and the like. The provided pot enables you to vary and fine tune the output based on your contemporary requirement.

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Distribution Boards

Customers rely on our design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to deliver AC and DC Distribution boards that are technically superior, quality built, and can be trusted to perform reliably.

Control Desk

We use beautiful printed acrylic sheets in our control desks to make them visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing. Intuitive and easy to use controls provide an excellent user experience.

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Console / Workstation Photo

Console / Workstation

A classic Monitor & PC setup allows easy control and monitoring of automation systems through SCADA. Intuitive and easy to use controls provide an excellent user experience.

Panel Assembly & Wiring Services

Electrosoft provides both volume production and low volume customised panel assembly and wiring services. Electrosoft helps to manage your supply chain and reduce your costs by applying our significant experience in the manufacturing of custom control panels and sub assemblies. Being a one stop panel assembly and wiring service provider, we are committed to customer service and quality assurance, and on time delivery. All panels are 100% tested prior to dispatch.

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Turnkey Electrical & Automation Projects Photo

Turnkey Electrical & Automation Projects

Electrosoft brings together every aspect of your electrical or automation system project, providing a full scope of design, engineering and management services that relieve you from the burden of multi-supplier coordination. In addition, because Electrosoft is an independent manufacturer and not limited by the constraints of an OEM, we are able to provide the products best suited to satisfy each customer's specific needs.